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detail about that Kolhapuri chappal you know

Kolhapuri kapashi chappal is one of the well-known handicraft.
also, this specific craft is known to be on the face of a Kolhapuri chappal whenever you see or imagine Kolhapuri you mostly see or imagine a Kapashi Kolhapuri chappal saying that kapashi Kolhapuri chappal has a huge legacy and history it's one of the oldest craft in our society and culture it dates centuries-old in which but currently there is a lot of cheap quality bulk made chappals which are stealing and damaging the reputation of original Kolhapuri kapshi handicraft chappals. the one thing is authentic ethnic handicraft kapshi Kolhapuri chappal which is complete the completely handmade by most experienced and skillful craftsman in the industry who has at least 40 years experience of making the craft and one special thing about this craft is the craftsmanship & the unique corner stitching make this chappal very antique craft and it is a very rare craft and art which only a few craftsmen can carry successfully.
this craft is completely made in top quality vegetable tanned leather which is been used in agriculture traditionally for centuries this leather is very much helpful for our health and helps our body heat and sweat regulation. completely Made In The Herbs and contains no harmful chemical or any artificial material whatsoever due to which it is completely environment friendly & healthy for the human body, it completely decomposes into the mother earth not polluting nature not like plastic or any artificial material used in normal bulk made footwear.
Do try this unique and cultural crafted Kolhapuri Kapashi chappal which is completely handed stitch and handmade made by the most skillful craftsman of our industry which carries The Legacy of centuries made in finest quality leather with the utmost detailing to the craft making it one of the most valued handicrafts of our culture.

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