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Handmade Senapati/Aamdar Kapashi Kolhapuri Chappal for men With Royal Sound
Handmade Senapati/Aamdar Kapashi Kolhapuri Chappal for men With Royal Sound
Handmade Senapati/Aamdar Kapashi Kolhapuri Chappal for men With Royal Sound
Handmade Senapati/Aamdar Kapashi Kolhapuri Chappal for men With Royal Sound


Handmade Senapati/Aamdar Kapashi Kolhapuri Chappal for men With Royal Sound

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Amadar/Senapati Kapashi Kolhapuri Chappal With Royal Sound

This Vhaan is unique and rare as this crafts making requires next level skills. You have to experience the speciality of this craft to believe it.

This Vhaan makes that famous royal rich sound while walking, achieving this is considered as the very high level of craft making. The craftsman has to be very skillful and experience and ethnic craft are have to be earned with years of dedication.

High level of precision and detailing need to be taken care of while stitching and embedding and making this craft and due to which nowadays it is very rare to finds such craft. But Vhaan has the best craftsmen in the region for documenting and making this craft for us.

Senapati Kolhapuri chappal is the classic face of kolhapuri in many classes of society, it is well known on the kolhapuri world for its unique design.

It is Said that It is called as senapati kolhapuri because of its use by the head of the army which is Senapati.
Specially designed by the craftsman of Kapashi (kapashi is the village where special Kolhapuri is made) with its unique shape it comes in a variation like single Tali( layer) or in multiplication in the same ratio.

Kapashi craftsman is known for their detail work and dedication in crafts. They are making leather chappals for generations to generations with most ethnic way. The art has been passed to next generation from the older one and it evolves in such transition maintaining the ethnicity of the craft. Ladies of the village master the detailing on the kolhapuri craft, they expertly take vhaan to next level with their skills and details. Be it stitching chappal or crafting an Veni(braids) for the center belt of Senapati Kolhapuri Chappal which is very unique and as thin as single strand of hair which requires an lot of detail and skill .

This craft is made in Pure Maisidi leather with the detailed artwork on it with completely authentic, ethnic design, and heritage value.

Bottom of this ethnic craft is designed using special skills on leather.

Paper Kapashi is made with the best quality leather completely handcrafted by the expert craftsman of that region.

This ethnic Kolhapuri leather craft is handcrafted by the best craftsman of that culture who is expressing culture through their craft. This Vhaan is embedded with small handmade Veni(braid) which were handmade and handcrafted by the craftswomen with the best detail.

Kolhapur district holds a huge value and heritage in the field of the ethnic leather craft by the name of Kolhapuri Chappal, the name says it all as kolhapuri chappal has the legacy of hundreds of years in the hands of a craftsmen.
This Chappal is made in district of Kolhapur influenced by the Local culture of Kolhapur.
As each and every product sold on Vhaan is made by collaborating with the best local craftsman of that region and for that craft, each Vhaan always holds a local essence while expressing the culture of Kolhapur.
Vhaan uses best quality leather for the handicraft.

This kolhapuri chappal is made in the Senapati shape which resembles pointed shape. Kind of straight from in-word this shape look a lot of life broad knife in the feet pointed at the top but kind of broad at the external size this shape gives a more coverage to the toe and fingers with the benefits of pointed shape. Best for flexibility and movement with the protection this shape looks rich and artistic due to its design. Name Senapati symbolizes the protection, refinement, strength and fast movement as if the Kolhapuri being used in the war.

Vhaan made in dark brown leather which gives it rich and leathery texture, it gives it more heritage value with rustic ethnic feel to it.

Even though Kolhapuri Chappals have been known to be designed for men traditionally, it is just as apt as UNISEX in today's world. So all the royal ladies, if the Vhaan fits you, wear it!

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