If there is a footwear that can potentially represent our India's Ethnic footwear culture, cant even think anything other than the Kolhapuri chappals. These amazing craft of kolhapuri chappal date back to the 13th century and are still relevant in modern times. of course they have evolved a little, they still remain to be absolutely in trend stylish and fantastic.
these are 5 reasons we love them.

1. Pure Leather: These Kolhapuri chappals are made authentically entirely of leather. It not only makes them look classy & rich of experience but also ensures that the footwear is durable. While initially only buffalo hides(veg tanned leather) were used to craft the kolhapuri chappal, the craftsman have now opted for softer comfy leather as the base, in order to make them extremely comfortable to wear.

2. Innovations: While the regular chappal remains Historic, its makers across the nation have innovated upon their shape and style. The T-strap ani Pointed shape also T shape and its width was shortened to give the Kolhapuri a chic appeal, making it a hit with college students.


3. Versatility: Kolhapuri Chappals present a range of styling opportunities which makes it a ‘go-to’ pair of slipper. While it naturally merges with your ethnic dresses, the Kolhapuris also complete your fusion Indo-western look. Be it cigarette pants of a pair of jeans, the Kolhapuri chappals are rad.

4. Celebrity Favourite: It won’t take you very long to spot celebrities wearing the Kolhapuri. From Deepika Padokone to Virat Kohli, celebs have effortlessly carried the Kolhapuri slippers with their different outfits. Be it western wear or ethnic outfits, celebrities have opted for these because of their versatile nature. Narendra Modi too seems to have a crush on them.
Ladies  kolhapuri chappal fav of celebrity
5. Your Mom Would Love It: She loved it when she was young and she would love you in them too!
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