Some of the Interesting Facts About Kolhapuri chappal:

Kolhapuri chappals are waterproof to some extent  in spite of the fact that it is made of leather as there no chemical solutions are being used for pasting or so and entire chappal is completely  hand-stitched by the experienced craftsman by the leather thread only which makes Kolhapuri chappal robust & strong even waterproof(to some extent) 

As Said Earlier Kolhapuri chappals are completely made by stitching the pair which makes them more durable. So, not a single Iron Nail is used in the process.

As being said kolhapuri chappals are made in pure leather Oiling them make them the most comfortable thing to use in the world it just takes shape of your feet

They are the best things to wear in the summer as Veg tanner leather has the ability to absorb the bodies heat & sweat and keep out body cool


BTW as they say Hollywood star Madonna do own a Pair of kolhapuri footwear and they say she simply love it 


The kolhapuri Chappals were first worn in the 13th century and originated in the state of Maharashtra. Since then, they have remained an Indian style staple. The royal family of Maharashtra ‘Saudagars’ were the first ones to find the uniqueness of the kohlapuri chappals as well as lent their creativity to what is today known as the kohlapuri chappal. There is nothing wrong in saying that it has become more of a style statement nowadays despite the fact that kohlapuri chappal has been a part of Indian history for over 715 years.
The traditional kohlapuri chappals come in a brown & grwy  color as original veg tanned leather color , with intricate thread designs woven onto the flap and a bright red fur ball placed in the center. But, with the passage of time, these chappals have gone through different new designs and styles, and each made for people with different preferences. You can find kohlapuri chappals in all sorts of colors these days, ranging from green, gold, silver, purple,  yellow, black, orange, red, pink and blue.

You Can Pair kolhapuri chappal beautifully With Jeans

Ohh denim simply loves kolhapuri chappals 

You can not go wrong with Kolhapuri chappals paired with jeans. In addition to this, you can add any color including pastels colors added now top to complete the look. Also, embrace the Boho style by pairing the slippers with the maxi-skirts. You can add boho jewelry to complete the look as well.


there is beautiful Paithani kolhapuri chappal for ladies which is a fusion of textile & craft by the best combination ever 

Be Ethnic Ready
Remember no slipper compliments your ethnic look the way Kolhpuri chappals do. So, team them with a  kurta, churidar, and silver jewelry. Besides, make your Kolhapuri style a little unique with colored kolhapuri chappals.

The price range for kohlapuri chappals varies depending on the store or the retailer. You can find inexpensive kohlapuri chappals in local street markets and the more expensive kind is available at high-end handicraft stores. You can buy Kolhapur chappal online. A unique thing about these chappals is that they are unisex, and can be worn by both men and women.


such a beautiful pair of kolhpuri do experience the authentic one & help us to enrich our ethnic craft by empowering craftsmen. use only pathetic original handmade kolhapuri chappal 

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