How Kolhapuri chappal makes sound ??

Hello kolhapuri lover's,

have you heard of the sound of kolhapuri chappal yet?


you are missing a lot then for sure.

Its Great art from India that we are going to explore today, which is related to the ethnic footwear culture of Maharashtra, called kolhapuri chappal with sound.

The artisans/craftsman has earned the expertise to make soundable footwear, isn't it awesome? exactly !!!

so basically as craftsmen say it begins as a necessity for the people of that time especially the shepherds who used to travel a lot and they used to settle on alien fields for which they might not habituate for in such areas while travelling at night the local citizens (especially snakes) should get a warning about the guest rather then they getting shocked and attacking in panic and resulting in death. People started wearing sound-making kolhapuri chappal which used to make a normal sound while walking due to which the animal will get alert and adjust themselves much more before they arrive which results in saving the lives of people as they say.

so that's how out of necessity the birth of sound-making kolhapuri happens later it becomes a fav of the people due to the rich feel and royal attention. 

How Kolhapuri chappal makes the famous sound ?

It consists of seeds, a vinchu seed as they name it. They place this seed in between the bottom layers of the chappals smartly. It's very important to place it properly because if it's not placed properly then there is no sound in the kolhapuri. Only the right placement from the experienced craftsman can do the trick of the kolhapuri chappal making the sound. 

That's how unique it is :) 

Because of this, the kolhapuri chappals are the most unique and ethnic legacy of the Indian culture. It is very hard to replace as it requires very skilled craftsmanship 

Click here to experience this craft.


  • Kumaran S V

    How mach price sir

  • Kumaran S V

    How mach price sir

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