7 Tips to Maintain Kolhapuri Chappals & Leather Products At Home
Men love leather in all forms. Women adore leather in almost all forms such as shoes, handmade leather handbags, leather wallets, purses and Kolhapuri chappals that are so painstakingly handcrafted. They are not only unique but also difficult to find at reasonable prices these days. The biggest enemy of your handmade leather shoes and accessories is moisture. So, the best way to keep them intact and very much in one piece is to waterproof them and just generally take care of them on a regular basis. First of all, let’s understand how to maintain your Kolhapuri chappals:

1. Avoid packing them for a long time as that would result in a layer of a moss like substance or fungus covering your slippers. In this case, it is generally advised to sun-dry the chappals in direct sunlight for about an hour (more than that if need be). Then immediately after drying them, just wipe them off with a dry cloth. The leather of the chappal might tan, but this is a natural process and is a sign of genuine leather so don’t worry.

2. Kolhapuri chappals do have a tendency to feel hard beneath your feet because of the heat that dries up the moisture. However, applying a drop of moisturizer softens the chappals. Do make sure not to overdo it because that will result in a slippery slipper (pun intended).

3. To be able to use them during rainy season make sure that you DO NOT let any moisture get trapped in them. If the sun isn’t out, use a dryer to dry them out.

4. You can also polish them once or twice a week to make sure that they stay as good and shiny as new.
Now getting to your handmade leather shoes and other accessories such as handbags and wallets:

5.Use a good Waterproofing compound. It is a godsend for your leather shoes and other expensive handmade stuff. Choose a brand or viscosity that doesn’t affect your handmade leather accessories.

6. Drying out the water works for your handmade leather products as well, so do that like you did for your Kolhapuri chappals and you can extend the life of your collection.

7. Maintain a clean and dry storage area for all the leather goods in your wardrobe and you can flaunt them for many years to come.

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