Today we will be discussing how to check the authenticity of the Kolhapuri chappal if it is more important because when we try to promote & create awareness about the Kolhapuri chappal there are great chances that you might stick in the fake Kolhapuri trap by the sellers. before that just read this you will understand what is authentic Kolhapuri chappal and how you should recognize it.
so that you will be able to experience the real authentic craft you can check out all the product which are authentic and it is all tested by real and made by real and experience and one of the most skillful craftsmen in the industry.
These are following ways by which you can taste the authentic Kolhapuri chappal
1. first of all you need to check the leather quality of the chappal most of the time you will get white or yellow colour Kolhapuri chappal and they will claim that it is the original Kolhapuri chappal but its not because to make it more cheap and profitable they use a cheap quality or a simple quality press material leather pressed material is not authentic leather which has been getting used in a Kolhapuri chappal since generation this substitute has been added in recent times in the Kolhapuri tradition because of the bulk & easy availability and cheap cost of this leather, this press Kolhapur leather is process using a Chemicals due to which it has no helpful character for health benefit for human body it is simply a process chemical process leather which is available in bulk in the market and as it is processed with the chemicals it might not help you in your body heat and sweat Regulation and our body temperature maintenance as the vegetable tanned leather saying that it also does not have its own textures and beautyful designs and patterns like vegetable tanned leather have if you see a vegetable tan leather in the traditionally tanning process just the expert tan it with Herbs due to which the grains and the patterns on the leather is retained as it is rather it highlights more & it compliments the beautiful textures after tanning and it adds a character and class to the final Kolhapuri craft after it's making and it's grains and patterns are act as a unique character of each chappal and it makes each craft unique in its own way .
Each Pattern is unique as our FingerPrints as its Unique Identity and which makes this craft unique handicraft.
More mature leather becomes its patterns become more Distinctive it is it is very important to check for original vegetable and Kolhapuri chappal and use only authentic Ethnic Kolhapuri chappal to get all the benefits and all ethnic and authentic design and rich Original organic patterns textures out of the Kolhapuri chappal.
2. When you want to check for authentic Kolhapuri chappal just look for stitching if you don't find handmade stitching by the craftsman there is highly possible that this Kolhapuri chappal is not an original Kolhapuri craft rather it is just a bulk made Pasted Kolhapuri chappals made in some factory by the Cheap labor who are not at all experienced and skilled as our ethnic and authentic craftsman they just been misusing the Kolhapuri name to sell their cheap product as much as possible.
if the Kolhapuri chappal is pasted or machine stitch it is not considered as an original Kolhapuri chappal check for the same.
3. Check for The authenticity of the seller, the seller is selling the craft by showing their collection you will come to know their expertise in the domain you will come to know how much experience he has and how passionate he is about the craft and the craftsman and how dedicated he is for creating awareness and retaining the Legacy and heritage of the craft. you should do a test and discuss the craft you should ask a question about the craft with the shopkeeper and a seller whoever is selling the craft so that you will come to know the trustworthiness and the information of about the craft the seller has.
these are the few things that will help you to check for Authenticity and ethnicity of the craft.
To understand the real and fake Kolhapuri chappal do use a real authentic Kolhapuri craft and do help us to promote and empower are great Indian craft means

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