Where would i get Original Authentic Ethnic Kolhapuri chappal in Mumbai

In this Era bombarding, we might get confused between where we get the real quality of craft.
So here we are here to help you regarding experience the most authentic and ethnic craft of Kolhapuri chappal
The place which we are going to discuss exists since 1970 and it is one of the oldest historical places in Kolhapuri craft legacy as it is one of the oldest Kolhapuri shop in Mumbai and one of the oldest among in India today.
they carry around more than 150 designs of craft specially crafted authentic ethnic unique designs for ladies & gents Kolhapuri chappal lovers and few of the designs which are shown below which are very unique and antique.
As production of the so many rare designs of the craft was already stopped in the past which they have revived in the last few decades. these are the following few craft which they have their expertise in making it cause many of the people don't know and don't have that expert craftsman which have the experience of more than 40 years for making this craft also other don't know the legacy and historical legacy of the facts which this stores documents very passionately.
sai Vaibhav footwear still does and has created a great Legacy of promoting such craft and giving the sustainable livelihood for such craftsmen which results in flourishing a craft and empowering the craftsmen and craft industry of our society and culture. Gents & ladies do visit their shop for an experience the most beautiful authentic and ethnic Kolhapur is you will ever come across in your life and share your feedback for sure.

Click on below for Sai Vaibhav Footwears Google map Link

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