The great power comes with great responsibility
the Great love for the craft comes with the great responsibility of maintaining one.
it is very true that there is such a great Havoc about maintaining the Kolhapuri chappal and Delicate & everything but actually it is not that difficult to maintain your Kolhapuri chappal and in this blog post and attach YouTube video I will try to help you in that.
so let's begin.
first of all there are two major times when you would like to maintain your Kolhapuri chappal ,

1. The First and Main one is recurring when you want to clean your Kolhapuri chappal while you are using it on day to day basis and you want to polish it whenever you want to use it, so at that time you just need to use the simple Cotton cloth piece you have to clean the chappal normally as you do to any craft, later if you have a brush you just need to brush the Kolhapuri chappal  It will remove the excess dirt which is present on the chappal and if there is any dust attached at the bottom of chappal because you use it in the dirt a lot so you just need to remove using anything bit hard too not to worry about the delicateness, Kolhapuri chappals bottom is made up of a hard sheet of leather so now that's done you have cleaned you chappal successfully.

2. The second part of oiling the chappal In this phase you just need to take oil in any bowl and any kind of oil will do now again you can use the same piece of cloth which we used to clean the chappal earlier or you can take a different piece of cloth and apply the oil on chappal once that has been done after a single coat of oiling take a different foot of the pair of chappal and apply the oil on that chappal till then another pair has rested oil got absorbed properly, once this is done take that the previously oiled chappal again and apply the second coat of oil now again take another chappal of the pair and apply the oil coat on the same now this much is enough.

you just need to give it rest overnight so that it will be comfortable. it will absorb the oil and the next day if possible put the chappal under sunlight now your chappal is as soft as and comfortable as it can get and you can use it.

if there is any damage to your chappal or the stitching is exposed or something like that you just need to take to the Cobbler and he will fix it for you that is not a part which can be managed by you cause it requires an expert stitching.
latest video Where are perform the same operation suit yourself let me know what you feel about it and doesn't forget to subscribe our YouTube channel


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