In this Blog will discuss how Kolhapuri chappal helps you to keep your body temperature cool...
Kolhapuri chappal is a great Heritage and Legacy of a culture in which the real authentic Kolhapuri chappal is completely made in pure veg tanned leather which is leather tanned in the herb in which no chemical is being used or artificial processing is being done while tanning the leather rather it's tanning happens in the very traditional way in which the leather is matured in natural herbs which increase leather benefits for our body addition to that it also retains leather natural sweat absorbing capacity due to which when the Kolhapuri chappal is completely handcrafted by our most skilled and experienced craftsman made in a vegetable-tanned leather it absorbs our body heat and sweat when we use it on a day-to-day basis. resulting in helps for our body in heat and sweat regulation on the other side when you use a normal bulk made chappals made in artificial material it create an obstacle between our body heat and sweat extraction mechanism but a vegetable-tanned leather help it by acting as an organic material which most suitable for human skin for our bodies extraction mechanism and it absorbs our body heat and sweat and helps to regulate it. that's how doctors also recommend using these authentic and completely handmade Kolhapuri chappals on a day-to-day basis to help our bodies maintain their ideal temperature but for that, you need to use the Kolhapuri chappal which is made in vegetable-tanned leather by the experienced craftsmen.

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