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The place to get the best Kolhapuris in Mumbai is: “SAI VAIBHAV FOOTWEAR” located at Khar West, Linking Road.

Since 1983, it is known for quality footwear & Kolhapuri Chappals. Each product is handmade even today by the craftsmen in traditional way preserving the ethnic heritage of India.

Sai Vaibhav Footwear owners are more than willing to help you travel back into the history of Kolhapuri to understand the uniqueness of this leather art. They have been striving to get awareness and ensuring that the artisans have better opportunities and prospects. The craftsmen in their workshop have been with them for more 34 years, and still passionate about this art form. That is why craftsmen from all over Maharashtra have no hesitation to be associated with Sai Vaibhav footwear.

⬤ Handcrafted pure leather Kolhapuri chappals

⬤ Shahu Kolhapuri chappals

⬤ Maharaja Kolhapuri chappals

⬤ Ladies Kolhapuri chappals

The overall collection at Sai Vaibhav footwear consists of

⬤ Golden ladies chappal

⬤ Traditional chappal

⬤ Chappals for marriages on traditional wear

⬤ Leather ethnic chappal for daily use

⬤ Kolhapouri chappal

⬤ Kapashi senapati chappal

⬤ Kurundawad kolhapuri chappal


Sai Vaibhav footwear at Khar west has pair of footwear for everyone. Additionally, you can get custom made crafts as per personal choice too.

Embracing ethnic craft translates into the empowerment of craftsman.

Sai Vaibhav footwear Kolhapuri Chappal Shop and Cobbler Services Est.1983

14th road, Tulsi Building, khar west, Mumbai 400052, Landmark:- Opp Dominos Pizza.

Contact Number: 7506995033

Category: Ethnic craft, Kolhapuri chappals, Pure Leather handcrafted shoe making.

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