Why Vhaan? What is it and why do we need it when we can buy N number of footwear?

Vhaan is a word with Marathi origin which is used in many dialects of Marathi; mainly व्हान or वहाण. Origins of this word can be traced back to "something which takes you from one place to another". Over the years, it has acquired different connotations. In the modern Marathi, Vhaan is not just recognized as Footwear but more specifically as Ethnic Footwear.

It is a footwear which is anything but just a fashion statement. It is much more, it has Design, Authenticity, Health Benefits, and Evergreen Class. "Vhaan" is a word which on one side signifies an era but also holds a relevance today to millions of people.

Today, buying footwear has never been easier. But back in the day, footwear was not so easily bought, they were custom made. Ordering, Creating, and Wearing footwear was an elaborate event back then. Appointments had to be set with the craftsmen, measurements given, designs chosen, leather chosen, leather ordered, only then craftsmen could start working on your pair of vhaan. They were sewed and embroidered by hand. Women in craftsmen’s household helped in punching the leather, forming a design, shaping the sole etc. This skilled craft is what earned the word Vhaan.

Once the vhaan was handed over by craftsmen, you'd think that's that.. but good things take time and must be savored! Owner, on receiving vhaan, would need to thoroughly oil it (any oil readily available is fine), and soak it in the bright sunshine. This long meticulous process of making and using footwear incurred well earned pride among both parties.

And this is precisely why it's called Vhaan! The craftsmen still make them with passion and take pride in their work. We do take pride in bringing this craft to you, and we want you to wear your vhaan with pride too, knowing just where it comes from, from our soul to your sole.

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