How to take care of your Kolhapuri chappal in monsoon

The Kolhapuri Chappal which is made in the best quality leather needs to be maintained in monsoon so that it can be used for many years to come :)

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there is a possibility that it can get the fungus built up due to moisture in the environment at this time. Here we are going to share few tips with you so you can take care of your Kolhapuris at home in monsoon.

First of all check out what kind of Kolhapuri Chappal you have. If it is pasted leather (cheap) one, don't go beyond step 1 and skip to the last point simply and voila! you have done what you can do. But if you do possess the properly stitched, high quality, veg-tanned leather Kolhapuri, then it's going to be a feast for your Kolhapuri for sure.

This is the pair with fungus 
kolhapuri chappal with fungus

let's begin now 

(ingredients: it's a DIY so we will be recommending simple home-based ingredients which can be availed easily and handy to use. like cotton cloth, brush(whichever), oil(any, I used mustard oil which was readily available), Sponge (or cotton cloth can be used here as well) )

Step 1. Take your Kolhapuri vhaans which have been sitting there for a long time surely as the monsoon has started already. There must be some hints of fungus starting to be visible on the pair at this point. That's where we have to work now. We need to clean that first, make pair properly dry, clean the dust and fungus.

(People with pasted leather Kolhapuris stop right here and skip to the last step, people with handcrafted hand-stitched Kolhapuris pair, please follow me to step 2)

Step 2: Once the pair is properly cleaned and dry, take the cotton cloth and take an oil in bowl and get ready for Vhaan massage! (trust me, your pair deserves a message). Do rub the Kolhapuri pair properly, apply oil on all the parts of the Kolhapuri Chappal. Pair will become soft as you do this. You can feel this difference. Give 2 coats of oil on Kolhapuri Chappal. And don't miss the sole as well!

Step 3 : Take any paper (newspaper is fine also, which is available easily at home), and just wrap a pair of Kolhapuris in it. Once it's properly wrapped, secure the paper with rubber band and put the bundle in cotton bag (avoid plastic for environment :) ) wrap it up and keep it in a dry place.

Voila! your pair is now ready for coming winter and many more seasons to come. 

Here is that same once fungus infested vhaan.
After oil massage and cleansing, in all it's glory.

kolhapuri chappal after oiling by vhaan


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