Ethnic & Antique Shahu Kolhapuri chappal now available for Ladies kolhapuri lovers too

This day will be discussing ladies Shahu Kolhapuri chappal
which is meant for women feet (handicraft is Unisex though)
the Shahu Kolhapuri craft holds a very huge respect in the field of Kolhapuri craft it is considered as a parameter of great craftsmanship only a craftsman with great experience and skills can make this handcrafted footwear, the specialty of this handicraft footwear is it is completely handmade and it is is very much strong and durable at the same time it has one of the most intricate finest detailed design on it, to have such design it requires certain expertise and skills which comes only after certain years of experience this is ethnic Kolhapuri chappal is made in a Pure vegetable tanned leather which is health-wise helpful for the body it is next organic thing other than our own skin. any attention to detail and the craftsmanship is one-of-a-kind and antique.


the craftsman is dedicated this craft to the great legendary revolutionary Kind of Kolhapur named as the Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj as a sense of gratitude for the support system has created for the craftsman in his dynasty this craft has to be one of the finest and best. It has very intricate details which also made by the female craftsman yet it has very strong built due to which many times it can be made from 3 to 7 layers of the leather sheet of vegetable-tanned leather and entire stitching of this leather happened by hand such fine and uniform stitching can only be done by the experience Shahu Kolhapuri craftsman that's why they hold very e great respect in this culture in this craft culture the process of making a single pair of Shahu Kolhapuri chappal itself takes around 3 to 5 days from cutting the leather to carving the design on the leather it takes a lot of attention and focus with expertise once the pieces are finely handcrafted.
once the design part is done & craftsman is happy with it then comes the part of assembling the craft in which it also requires a certain set of skills at its belt is very unique it has to be properly fit for the feet and yet the design has to be properly respected while assembly it has to go with the flow of each belt and its belt ending which is called as a Kaan, after this also craftsman create a design on the bottom of the chappal to make it more beautiful and subtle to complement the stitching of the chappal it is beautiful to look at it. it's a more great experience to wear one so do experience this Kolhapuri chappal for Ladies now it's not stuck for men anymore and let us know how you feel.

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