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detail about that Kolhapuri chappal you know

Kolhapuri kapashi chappal is one of the well-known handicraft. also, this specific craft is known to be on the face of a Kolhapuri chappal whenever you see or imagine Kolhapuri you mostly see or imagine a Kapashi Kolhapuri chappal saying that kapashi Kolhapuri chappal has a huge legacy and history it's one of the oldest craft in our society and culture it dates centuries-old in which but currently there is a lot of cheap quality bulk made chappals which are stealing and damaging the reputation of original Kolhapuri kapshi handicraft chappals. the one thing is authentic ethnic handicraft kapshi Kolhapuri chappal which is complete the completely handmade by most experienced and skillful craftsman in the industry who has at least...

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Original Kolhapuri chappal at Affordable price - Vhaan

Hello fashion lovers,Getting bored at home? Miss the shopping, and checking out what's trending?Interested in some Ethnic perhaps? then you're at the right place. Vhaan is the Oldest kolhapuri chappal shop, we are located in Mumbai but we deliver all over India with No delivery charges (Free Shipping).Vhaan is known for its Legacy and heritage at the same time making sure the Kolhapuri reaches to all people. The specialty of Vhaan is that it's known for their best quality ethnicity and affordable rates in this era of fake hype. We provide handcrafted Kolhapuri Chappal which is completely handmade by the experienced craftsmen of more than 40 years and one of the topmost handicraft in Kolhapuri Chappal culture at very affordable...

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How to Check for Real Authentic Kolhapuri chappal & fake cheap Kolhapuri chappal

Today we will be discussing how to check the authenticity of the Kolhapuri chappal if it is more important because when we try to promote & create awareness about the Kolhapuri chappal there are great chances that you might stick in the fake Kolhapuri trap by the sellers. before that just read this you will understand what is authentic Kolhapuri chappal and how you should recognize it.so that you will be able to experience the real authentic craft you can check out all the vhaan.com product which are authentic and it is all tested by real and made by real and experience and one of the most skillful craftsmen in the industry.These are following ways by which you can taste...

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EThnic & Antique Shahu Kolhapuri chappal now available for Ladies kolhapuri lovers too

This day will be discussing ladies Shahu Kolhapuri chappalwhich is meant for women feet (handicraft is Unisex though) the Shahu Kolhapuri craft holds a very huge respect in the field of Kolhapuri craft it is considered as a parameter of great craftsmanship only a craftsman with great experience and skills can make this handcrafted footwear, the specialty of this handicraft footwear is it is completely handmade and it is is very much strong and durable at the same time it has one of the most intricate finest detailed design on it, to have such design it requires certain expertise and skills which comes only after certain years of experience this is ethnic Kolhapuri chappal is made in a Pure vegetable...

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Where would i get Original Authentic Ethnic Kolhapuri chappal in Mumbai

In this Era bombarding, we might get confused between where we get the real quality of craft.So here we are here to help you regarding experience the most authentic and ethnic craft of Kolhapuri chappal The place which we are going to discuss exists since 1970 and it is one of the oldest historical places in Kolhapuri craft legacy as it is one of the oldest Kolhapuri shop in Mumbai and one of the oldest among in India today.they carry around more than 150 designs of craft specially crafted authentic ethnic unique designs for ladies & gents Kolhapuri chappal lovers and few of the designs which are shown below which are very unique and antique. As production of the so...

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