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Paithani Ladies Kolhapuri Chappal

Paithani Kolhapuri Ladies chappal is known to be one of the finest  handicraft in the handicraft culture which has its  own culture & heritage . where each and every craft is handmade with skill set of most experienced craftsman in the culture  Where as Paithani is treated as one of finest sarees in Saree in saree world known for its intricate details and handwork , many craftslovers were demanding/suggesting the blend of these two beautiful craft . so that it will enrich each other with its  own strengths. which results into One of the finest and best loved Paithani Kolhapuri Chappal the beautiful blend of 2 most respected handicraft of culture paithani kolhapuri chappal made in pure leather by the most experienced craftsman of...

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Top 5 fancy kolhapuri chappals for women by Vhaan

Kolhapuri chappal is always recognize for its design and heritage, it has yet sustained and flourished over time. Specially ladies are loving of kolhapuri chappal, these are the few 5 top kolhapuri chappals for women which are mostly loves by women kolhapuri enthusiastic.   1. GOLDEN KOLHAPURI CHAPPAL Gold and Footwear most irresistible combination for women this golden ethnic box heel kolhapuri is always a hot attraction by women 2. V SHAPE KOLHAPURI CHAPPAL  Sleeper kolhapuri chappal, this simple, elegant hand made V SHAPE kolhapuri chappal for women. For women as it is slip on and very handy to maintain with habitual shape of the slipper no need to maintain it extra . This handmade braid is made of pure leather made...

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Top 5 Reasons Why Everyone Needs Kolhapuri Chappals - Vhaan Footwear

If there is a footwear that can potentially represent our India's Ethnic footwear culture, cant even think anything other than the Kolhapuri chappals. These amazing craft of kolhapuri chappal date back to the 13th century and are still relevant in modern times. of course they have evolved a little, they still remain to be absolutely in trend stylish and fantastic. 

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